ONID Portfolio

For the past two years, I have dedicated my life toward completing a masters degree in Online Innovation and Design. Two years ago, I started www.kevinklott.com without really knowing what I was getting myself into. I began the program in an unorthodox fashion by taking Digital Storytelling with Skip Via. The course description said students

Project-Based Lesson Plan

Here is a link to my unit plan. Here is a link to my curriculum justification. Because my Canvas course is operated under the Anchorage School District, you need to be manually enrolled as a non-ASD student. Please email me at klott_kevin@asdk12.org to request enrollment.

Personal Learning Network (Final)

Three months ago I created a visual of my personal learning network (PLN), which is divided into four components: collect, reflect, connect and share (LaSota). Throughout the semester, the overall structure of my PLN has remained the same. A few additions are worth highlighting: Twitter: This PLN assignment gently forced me to become a regular

Collaborative Annotated Bibliography

In Web 2.0, we collaborated to create an annotated bibliography on articles that related to teaching with technology. We used a shared Google Doc to create the bibliography. Our task was for each cohort member to post three articles. Two of the peer-reviewed articles I posted made the final version. The third was cut from

Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

Today’s educators have the important responsibility of preparing students to find knowledge and create meaning in a diverse and constantly changing world. Providing adequate and appropriate learning experiences for all students is a challenge that educators must approach with an open mind. In the end, it is educators who encourage students to develop tolerant and

Emerging Tools for Educators

Explain Everything Product Site: https://explaineverything.com/ Sample: Watch until 0:46 seconds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMiTn9SclPA&t=1s#t=16s Overview: Explain Everything is an online whiteboard that can be used on any mobile device. It even works on your Chrome browser. The idea behind Explain Everything is to give users the ability to add drawings, images, videos or documents to the whiteboard, manipulate

Media Creation

The original media content I created is called QuickTime Screen Recording. It’s for my video productions class. We have a module where students use Microsoft PowerPoint to create an intro to a specific segment played on the morning announcements. I teach video announcements too, so I created the module with the idea that students could

Emerging Tools

How can web 2.0 tools, specifically those new to the market fit into K-12/post-secondary education? Are they beneficial? What are the potential downfalls? What are the pros and cons of implementing the tool or tool genre that you selected? Are there promising practices or exemplary programs that provide examples? The amount of emerging technology tools

Article Review 5

A big decision takes place Thursday, October 18, in the Anchorage School District when a new English Language Arts 6-8 curriculum will be selected by a committee of ELA teachers. I am on this committee. Two of the three top choices are SpringBoard, a pre-Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum designed by CollegeBoard, and My Perspectives, which

Web Presence

When I read the article 5 Reasons Why Your Online Presence Will Replace Your Resume in 10 years, I think about all the revisions I’ve made to my own resume and all the versions I have stored on my computer. Just last year I updated it and thought to myself, ‘Why do I have to