Category: ED 654

Work Together

For this choice assignment, I worked with Bob Heath and Heather Nice. The three of us also worked together on Collaborate (a little). During that assignment, we primarily used Slack to communicate our ideas. But for Work Together, we used gmail to exchange ideas. If I had to choose one method of communication that I

The (Creative) Commons

I had a difficult time choosing an item to create a copyright license. At first, I wanted to copyright my Making Sense of Copyright video. I used My Simple Show to create the video, but after reading its software licensing guidelines, I decided it was too complicated to make sense of it. Therefore, I jumped

Fair(ish) Use

When I first read the description of this requirement, I immediately thought of something I do in the classroom that has always led me to wonder, “Am I breaking some sort of copyright law?” The short answer is no. My question was answered thanks to The Cost of Copyright Confusion. So what am I doing?

Collaboration (a little)

For this assignment, we were assigned to team up with fellow Nousioneers and revise statements on group work communication. The purpose was to develop a list of expectations we could all agree on. Bob Heath, Heather Nice and I documented all of our work on Google Docs. Overall, I enjoyed the collaborative piece of this assignment. It’s


I listen to podcasts all the time. The latest Ted Radio Hour introduced a word to me that sounded familiar, but used in a negative connotation: revisionism. If you describe a person or their views as revisionist, you mean that they reject traditionally held beliefs about a particular historical event or events. In the following Ted