Video Productions

A few weeks after reading the details of this project, I finally figured out what I wanted for my theme. I’m all about killing two birds with one stone, so I decided to divide my little boy’s life into three stages (birth to six months; six months to one year; one year to 18 months) and make it into a mini-documentary. I killed two birds because A) I needed to free up some space on my phone and B) I wanted an excuse to find the time to document my child’s life.

Next, I took all of the videos of his life from my iPhone 6s (I bought the phone a few months before he was born) and put them into a folder on my Macbook Pro. Then I took those videos and made three different projects in iMovie. For all three videos, I did a “select all” and made them each two seconds long. To be nitpicky, I chose the best two seconds for some of the videos.

Finally, I added some text and music. All three songs were taken from the YouTube Audio Library, which is copyright free and free of charge.


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