iPad Pro Product

For this project, I made a video on an iPad Pro that I have in my classroom. I used the app Explain Everything, which is an amazing app. No longer do I need to stand at the smartboard and use that clunky old Promethean Board pen. Now I can write (and do an optional recording) from anywhere.

In the video, I explained how to write an organism poem for students who missed class that day. It’s not terribly excited — it was my first attempt at making something on Explain Everything.

As a side note, if you are thinking about getting an iPad Pro, Good Notes 4 is must for teachers. You can upload PDFs, pictures, etc, then draw on them and then save them to Google Drive. I am now doing assignments with students and posting my work on Google Drive so students can see examples. To me, this is the future of education.

Here is a link to my Explain Everything video: Organism Poem Tutorial

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