Work Together

For this choice assignment, I worked with Bob Heath and Heather Nice. The three of us also worked together on Collaborate (a little). During that assignment, we primarily used Slack to communicate our ideas. But for Work Together, we used gmail to exchange ideas. If I had to choose one method of communication that I liked the most, it would have to be gmail because of the familiarity of this platform. We communicated with 38 emails during Work Together vs. 20 messages on Slack during Collaborate (a little). I think both platforms work well for communicating, but I would tell future students to choose whichever platform works best for the group. Bob expressed that he was more comfortable on email saying it was easier to follow the thread, so we took his suggestion and switched to that platform.

As far as our platform to create our project, we used the same for both projects: the new Google Sites. I really like the way Google improved its sites page and the ease in which group members can collaborate. Because of these collaborative projects, I have already come up with multiple ways that I will use the new Google Sites in my language arts and video classes.

Click here to view our Google Site for Work Together. It’s a work in progress, so feel free to join the conversation.

It took some time for the three of us to decide what kind of project we wanted to create on the new Google Sites, but eventually, we figured it out. Here is the chain of messages:

UA Mail - Fwd- Collaborate project



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