Think About Your Thinking

By far the most challenging assignment was Exploring Digital Citizenship. I felt like I explored a concept (How Young Do We Introduce Digital Citizenship) only knowing one thing: my child shouldn’t look at a screen until he is two years old.


After researching multiple articles, I came to the conclusion that it’s ok if my son looks at a screen. Calling grandma or another relative on Facetime is also good. But giving him a smartphone or tablet just to keep him quiet can cause harm to his development.

I found it most challenging to find up-to-date research. Most research studied children watching television, not playing with interactive smartphones and tablets.

I just remembered that I made a Make & Share for this assignment, which means I double dipped! For a future student, I would highly suggest turning your findings into a Make & Share. It helped me organize my thoughts and use Prezi (a tool I had not used in years).

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