Think About Your Thinking – The Big Yawp

What did you find most challenging?

The most challenging part of this post was writing the bio. Why? I love to write, but my strength has always been writing about other people, not about myself. I always find it challenging to analyze my life in a way that engages readers and doesn’t say, “This guy is full of himself!” Writing about other people is so much easier because I’m telling their story and determining what is and isn’t interesting. Does that make sense? Well, it makes a whole bunch of sense to me.

What questions remain?

The only question that remains from this post is what’s going to be my next accident. At this point in my life, I don’t want to know.

Why was this post required?

This was a great task for getting to know new cohort members. I look forward to reading everyone’s Yawp post. It was also a good excuse to make a blog post. This post taught me to dive deeper into blog posts vs. blog pages. I’m now a little smarter at WordPress thanks to this task.

Advice for the future?

I would advise students to dedicate plenty of time to mess around with WordPress. I wouldn’t say that WordPress is elegant consumption (easy technology to use). It goes beyond elegant consumption by forcing its users to problem solve in order to reach the desired outcome.

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