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I got productive during this collection by doing a total revamp of my classroom website. It’s still a work in progress, but I have the nuts and bolts taken care of. Just by chance, I found out that Google recently upgraded its Google Sites. After tinkering around with it, I noticed right away that its interface was much more user-friendly than the old Google Sites.

Google says the new Sites is still a work in progress, and I believe it. Additions still need to be made. For example, the biggest downside of using the new site is that users are not able to embed items. Users can embed URLs, but not HTML. But that downside does not outweigh the benefits of using the new Sites. I like the ease in which people are able to collaborate on sites. Other features I like are the drag and drop options, easy page creations, easy text inserts, and great options for adding images to the site.

Google says that it will eventually phase out the old Google Sites, so I would suggest anyone with an old site to upgrade to the new site. As of now, there is no way to switch your old site to a new one. You have to manually do it, which was kind of a pain, but it allowed me to rethink what I want my website to do. Another pain is that I found out (a URL shortener) doesn’t allow users to delete old links, which means I had to create a new link for my students.

My old site:

My new site:

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