Collection III: Intellectual Property, ETC.

Think About Your Thinking

The following is a reflection about The (Creative) Commons, which required me to learn about the different types of Creative ...
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Get Productive

I got productive during this collection by doing a total revamp of my classroom website. It’s still a work in ...
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Work Together

For this choice assignment, I worked with Bob Heath and Heather Nice. The three of us also worked together on ...
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Fair(ish) Use

When I first read the description of this requirement, I immediately thought of something I do in the classroom that ...
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Making Sense of Copyright

For this assignment, I decided to use a web video tool called  My Simple Show to create my own representation ...
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Collaboration (a little)

For this assignment, we were assigned to team up with fellow Nousioneers and revise statements on group work communication. The purpose ...
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Intellectual Property, Friend or Foe?

IP, Friend or Foe? — Kevin Klott (@MisterKlott) June 28, 2017 ...
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