Collection I: Geeking Out

Wing it!

Assignment: Make a list of at least five sites to download royalty free music and sounds. The goal: Use these ...
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Think About Your Thinking – The Big Yawp

What did you find most challenging? The most challenging part of this post was writing the bio. Why? I love ...
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Adobe Education Exchange

The following is a video I made earlier this week using Adobe Premiere Pro (I am currently enrolled in a free ...
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My first GIF

via GIPHY Nice Toss Son! by Kevin Klott is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on ...
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Digital literacy/fluency

I selected this Search & Research topic for a few reasons. The first is because I attended the Library 2.0 ...
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The Big Yawp

Fourteen years ago, I drove more than 4,000 miles to Alaska in a truck packed with my most beloved possessions ...
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