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Ever since I started using WordPress, I was unhappy with the theme of my blog. Life is busy, though, so I left it alone. That’s until I saw a choice assignment that actually gave me credit to soup up my blog. A night is all I spent tinkering with the theme, widgets, and plugins.

I’m very excited about the new look. It’s simple and clean. This plugin allowed me to add a home icon instead of the word “home.”

I also used this plugin to convert pages into posts. When I first started using WordPress, everything I wrote was on a page. Post Type Switcher allowed me to easily convert all of my pages into posts. This saved me a lot of cutting and pasting. Plus, it saved all of the comments from my ED677/Digital Storytelling class.

Things that took me a long time to figure out:

  • How to get rid of “related posts” and “about me” at the bottom of my posts.
  • How to get rid of an old post that was showing up at the top of my homepage (sticky post).
  • How to change the size of the home icon

Things I’m still trying to figure out:

  • Why WordPress keeps asking me for my password and it doesn’t work. I always log in using Reclaim Hosting, but if I leave the page, WordPress wants me to log in.
  • How to make my RSS feed look better.
  • Use more Creative Commons photos (with captions) in my posts.
  • How to make my blog more friendly navigate.

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