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For the past two years, I have dedicated my life toward completing a masters degree in Online Innovation and Design. Two years ago, I started www.kevinklott.com without really knowing what I was getting myself into. I began the program in an unorthodox fashion by taking Digital Storytelling with Skip Via. The course description said students needed Web 2.0 in order to take the class because they will have needed to establish their blog. I freaked out just a little. But Skip assured me that I would be just fine, so I started the blog while taking his course.

That summer, Chris Lott’s ED 654 class offered a choice assignment called Bling Yer Blog, which gave students an opportunity to make changes. That is when www.kevinklott.com became what it looks like today. Click here to read my reflection about the process.

Along the way, I figured out little things to make my ONID portfolio look sharper, such as mastering the menu page in order to successfully create drop-down menus, using copyright free photos from pexels.com, adding a plugin to display my Twitter feed, adding a link to show my Raindrop.io collection, and adding recent comments and recent posts to my sidebar.

Recently, I added the plugin Akismet, which is a spam filter. I just got so tired of getting spam comments delivered to my email inbox. Hopefully this plugin solves the issue. I also changed the menu structure for each ONID course. Rather than having a blank page dedicated to each class (the top to my drop-down menu), I turned those course numbers into custom links. The link is www.kevinklott.com, but I’m pretty sure Sean Holland instructed me to give it a different URL so that clicking on it does nothing. I will have to make that change eventually.

So there you have it. My ONID portfolio is complete. What I plan to do with it post ONID is anyone’s guess. I love to write stories, so perhaps I could turn this into my personal blog. I have migrated away from posting pictures to Facebook within the past year. Perhaps my blog could be all about being a dad of two kids in the 21st century? Now that actually sounds like fun!

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