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The article Why “A Domain of One’s Own’ Matters (For the Future of Knowledge) summarizes what Web 2.0 is all about: “A system that was – ideally at least – openly available and accessible to everyone, designed for the purpose of sharing information and collaborating on knowledge-building endeavors.” Web 2.0 is the what the internet turned into when people like you and me were given the power to contribute and share information on the Web.

I like to think of Web 2.0 like the newspaper. When you get it at your doorstep, it’s a fixed product that doesn’t allow you to manipulate. In other words, it’s a newspaper with just news — not commentary or letters to the editor. A Web 2.0 version of the newspaper allows you to contribute to the paper with letters, commentary and corrections. These three things give us the power to shape a product.

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I think most would agree with Tim Berners-Lee’s that we have lost control of our personal data. The World Wide Web has become a commercial platform that mostly revolves around the goal of making money. Some services cost money yet many services like social media companies are free. However, free is hardly ever free on the Web. A few months ago, when revelations were made about the misuse of Facebook data, I heard a phrase that hit home: If the product is free, then you are the product.

As far as educational technology, I like what the article mentionedabout digital silos. Educators should talk to students about how certain internet tools impact their lives. Sometimes educators (including myself) get so wrapped up in the product and teaching students how to effectively use it, we lose sight of the big picture and the skills they are learning along the way.

And finally, the final few paragraphs in the article resonated with me because now that I’m finishing up with my ONID degree, I’m beginning to wonder what I should do with www.kevinklott.com. Should I move all of my ONID material to a subdomain? Should I turn this site into a personal blog? Or should I use it for teaching? I’m hoping an answer will cross my path before the end of the semester.


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