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Final Project

For my final project, I used Canvas and Google for Education to deliver Digital Citizenship curriculum for students and teachers. The curriculum came entirely from the Google for Education Be Internet Awesome campaign. Canvas is a learning management system that’s available for teachers and students in the Anchorage School District. Google’s Be Internet Awesome is

Week 8

Week 8 — Social Media in Education The digital citizenship chapter of Jason Ohler’s book 4 Big Ideas is a must-read for any educator or parent. The chapter inspires me to focus my teaching on the concept of digital citizenship, which is a term used to address the ethics, concerns and opportunities associated with living

Week 7

Week 7 — The Semantic Web, the Internet of Things and Extreme BYOD Forgive me if I’m becoming a broken record, but I am noting this week’s discussion as the most intriguing so far in this class. Topics we talked about could have been taken from some science fiction novel — and I love science

Week 6

Week 6 — Immersion in Education After exploring topics this week such as virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual worlds and holography, the big question I’ve kept asking myself is “What will my classroom look like 10, 15, 20 years from now?” It’s an important question because I plan to be a teacher for at least

Week 5

Week 5 — Big Data The timing was perfect. I took my toddler to story time at the Anchorage Public Library this week and on my way out the door I saw the book The Sentient Machine displayed on the New Non-Fiction shelf. The book was published in 2017 and written by Amir Husain, an

Week 4

Week 4 — Artificial Intelligence in Education When I tried to think of all the examples of artificial intelligence or machine learning I use in my classroom, I couldn’t think of much. Spell check, grading multiple choice tests, syncing grades from the LMS Canvas to Zangle and internet search engines were the only examples. The

Week 3

Week 3 — Standards, Models, Rubrics I thoroughly enjoyed reading about ISTE standards this week as well as exploring SAMR and Jason’s two bonus stages of Bloom’s Taxonomy. These three topics made a tremendous impact on my daily teacher thoughts (yes, it’s summer time but I still think about ways to improve my classroom). But

Week 2

This week’s reading about citing sources and how it needs to change peaked my interest. I agree that APA formatting is becoming more and more obsolete. In my 7th-grade language arts classes, we read a lot of books and short stories. Therefore, we focus our attention on formatting quotations correctly and using page numbers to

Week 1

Week 1 — Emerging Tech Trends Overview My initial post of the week was a response to the Edtech article about emerging trends. One piece of the puzzle that I felt was left out is funding for education. Many teachers, such as myself, rely on websites such as Rather than relying on the state of