Category: Collection III: IP, ETC.

Think About Your Thinking

The following is a reflection about The (Creative) Commons, which required me to learn about the different types of Creative Commons licensing and to add something we created during this class to the Creative Commons. What did you find most challenging? First and foremost, I’m not even sure I did this requirement correctly. I created

Get Productive

I got productive during this collection by doing a total revamp of my classroom website. It’s still a work in progress, but I have the nuts and bolts taken care of. Just by chance, I found out that Google recently upgraded its Google Sites. After tinkering around with it, I noticed right away that its

Work Together

For this choice assignment, I worked with Bob Heath and Heather Nice. The three of us also worked together on Collaborate (a little). During that assignment, we primarily used Slack to communicate our ideas. But for Work Together, we used gmail to exchange ideas. If I had to choose one method of communication that I

Fair(ish) Use

When I first read the description of this requirement, I immediately thought of something I do in the classroom that has always led me to wonder, “Am I breaking some sort of copyright law?” The short answer is no. My question was answered thanks to The Cost of Copyright Confusion. So what am I doing?

Collaboration (a little)

For this assignment, we were assigned to team up with fellow Nousioneers and revise statements on group work communication. The purpose was to develop a list of expectations we could all agree on. Bob Heath, Heather Nice and I documented all of our work on Google Docs. Overall, I enjoyed the collaborative piece of this assignment. It’s