iPad Pro Product

For this project, I made a video on an iPad Pro that I have in my classroom. I used the app Explain Everything, which is an amazing app. No longer do I need to stand at the smartboard and use that clunky old Promethean Board pen. Now I can write (and do an optional recording)

Screencast Videos

For my screencast videos project, I created tutorials on how to create a website using the New Google Sites and how to customize your Google Site’s URL using bit.ly. I also did a screencast that explains how I utilize New Google Site for my 7th-grade language arts, video productions, and video announcement classes. The software

Screen Capture Document

For this assignment, I downloaded Monosnap, which was free in the App Store. I had an enjoyable experience using the app. Typically I press command+shift+4 for taking screenshots, but Monosnap takes it to another level. After taking the screenshot, it automatically turns it into editing mode. I utilized features such as cropping and adding text

Video Productions

A few weeks after reading the details of this project, I finally figured out what I wanted for my theme. I’m all about killing two birds with one stone, so I decided to divide my little boy’s life into three stages (birth to six months; six months to one year; one year to 18 months)

Converting Camcorder Tapes to Digital

My idea for this final project took flight in August when I overheard my father-in-law express frustration for having a lack of time and knowledge needed to convert dozens of home video from his Sony camcorder tapes over to digital. To me, his conundrum was a simple fix — and a simple Christmas gift idea: Purchase

Not-So-Final Project

For my Learning Thing, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and use this project to get a good start on the curriculum I am building for a course I’m teaching called Video Productions. This course is an entry-level video class for 7th and 8th-grade students at Goldenview Middle School. I’m taking it