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Week 5

Week 5 — Big Data The timing was perfect. I took my toddler to story time at the Anchorage Public Library this week and on my way out the door I saw the book The Sentient Machine displayed on the New Non-Fiction shelf. The book was published in 2017 and written by Amir Husain, an

Week 4

Week 4 — Artificial Intelligence in Education When I tried to think of all the examples of artificial intelligence or machine learning I use in my classroom, I couldn’t think of much. Spell check, grading multiple choice tests, syncing grades from the LMS Canvas to Zangle and internet search engines were the only examples. The

Week 3

Week 3 — Standards, Models, Rubrics I thoroughly enjoyed reading about ISTE standards this week as well as exploring SAMR and Jason’s two bonus stages of Bloom’s Taxonomy. These three topics made a tremendous impact on my daily teacher thoughts (yes, it’s summer time but I still think about ways to improve my classroom). But

Week 2

This week’s reading about citing sources and how it needs to change peaked my interest. I agree that APA formatting is becoming more and more obsolete. In my 7th-grade language arts classes, we read a lot of books and short stories. Therefore, we focus our attention on formatting quotations correctly and using page numbers to

Week 1

Week 1 — Emerging Tech Trends Overview My initial post of the week was a response to the Edtech article about emerging trends. One piece of the puzzle that I felt was left out is funding for education. Many teachers, such as myself, rely on websites such as Rather than relying on the state of